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We were Written off with No Chance of a Medal-Says SKNAAA Official

Jeffers said this was the view of many colleague delegates in their VIP Box just before the finals of the 4x100m relay.

The SKNAAA chief said however that he maintained his composure and conveyed to them that he was confident something special was about to happen.

The president said during the race all he could see was a shadow out in lane one making strides and keeping up with the big boys. The president also stated that when the ‘slip-up’ was made between the USA and Great Brittan he paid no attention to it and focused on lane one only.

“When everyone realized we crossed third”, he said he literally fell to the ground because he was bombarded with hugs from the other delegates.

He claimed once he got back to his feet he couldn’t believe the team actually placed third and that tears fell from his eyes.

Jeffers also said that he and the team were overwhelmed with congratulations by their respective counterparts and words could not express how he felt.

The SKNAAA officials made his remarks during a recent press conference at the Silver Jubilee Stadium with members of the relay team.


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