Well-known businessman says Government behind gun attack

A press release issued by the Royal St. Kitts and Nevis Police Force confirmed that the shooting took place around 1:30 this morning, Wednesday, 14th October, in the Stadium View area, Sandy Point.

The release informs, “Officers from the Sandy Point Station were deployed and canvassed the area, their search did not reveal any suspicious activities or individuals.  The officers contacted and inquired from both the Pogson Medical Centre and the Joseph N France General Hospital if they had treated anyone for gunshot injuries.”

The Police information continued, “At around 8:00 this morning, Mr. A. U. Brown, a resident of the area, reported that his vehicle was damaged.  Police responded and examined the vehicle and found what appeared to be two bullet holes at the rear of a jeep that was parked in the garage.  Further inspection of the property revealed what appeared to be bullet marks on the wall near the upstairs front door and near the outside ceiling.  The scene was processed by Crime Scene Investigators, and Police continue their investigations.”

Meanwhile, Brown had taken to his Facebook page where he made some serious allegations. He wrote, “I was the target of the Team Unity government as they sent a gunman to my house and rain bullets on my property. Two bullets hit one of my vehicles parked in the carport and another two struck the upper level of my two-story house.”

Brown continued, “I believe the team unity government is behind this attack on my life and property. It was only last Friday I was told someone said I had died. This cannot be a coincidence. I believe the plan was hatched last week and leaked and the person understood that I was dead, when it really was that I would be dead.”

Brown has been a fierce critic of the Team Unity Government and shared a point of view with his Facebook audience. He wrote, “It seems that because of my constructive criticism of the Timothy Harris government there is a plot to kill me. This cowardly act can only be described as democracy under threat, by a dictatorship in the making.”

According to Browne’s Facebook posting, he filed a lawsuit against “the vindictive government of Timothy Harris, for outstanding monies owed to KYSS that the Prime Minister’s Office is holding on to and for which the Cabinet Secretary would not even speak to me about”.

Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner of Police Ian Queeley, who has responsibility for criminal investigations, said, “We urge anyone with information that can assist the police in this crime, or any other crime to call any Police Station in the Federation or Crime Stoppers, our confidential hotline at 1-800-8477 to share information.”

Several efforts to speak to Mr. Brown were unsuccessful as of the time of publishing.

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