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Wendy Sounds off on Beyonce!

Yesterday, self-proclaimed Beyonce fan Wendy Williams revealed on her talk show that she would be tuning in with the rest of us, however, she went on to throw some major shade that riled up Beyonce’s fans. She told the audience that she was glad that her television has closed captioning because that’s the only way she’ll be able to understand what Beyonce is talking about.

“I am a Beyonce fan. I’m gonna be watching this documentary cause fortunately one of the TVs in our kitchen has closed captioning so I’ll be able to understand what she says. You know Beyonce can’t talk. Beyonce sounds like she has a fifth grade education. She can’t talk. Honestly. We really do have the closed captioning for times like that” Wendy stated.

It’s not like this is the first time Wendy had something to say about Beyonce. The talk show host was very vocal about her theories that Beyonce faked her pregnancy, even going as far as to have pregnant women on her show while comparing them to Beyonce’s photos and videos.

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