What’s so creative about your wear?

One of the highly anticipated segments that one eagerly awaits the participants’ arrival on stage is Creative Wear. Here patrons begin to wonder what this person will find wearable as they sit there ready to be the judges of creativity. Everyone begins to ‘susu’ about what they think one will wear or who would outshine who.

I have seen persons wearing some beautiful attires made from newspaper, plastic, bottle covers, plastic spoons, a girl’s best friend- weave, condoms, macaroni, toilet tissue, cabbage and other vegetables, bread, egg shells, grass, shower curtains, box juice, post cards, ornamental plant leaves, pencils, candy wrappers, saw dust, straws, banana leaves, coconut palms, broken glass, gloves, phones cards, cane stalks and even balloons.

Kudos!! To the persons who followed their hearts in preparing a wear that was indeed creative.

But, my title now speaks to those who parade the stage wearing a costume after which the judges fall for it and providing the individual with a grade in the highest power. I have always argued that a Creative Wear is far, far, far,far, did I say far, far different to a costume.

Let me explain both terms:-

Creative wear- this is an  attire that one would see and say wow, I would wear that anywhere, church, cocktail, party, movies and even work. Creative Wears are often made from materials/resources that are put to use in our everyday lives. Leaving the audience to whisper, ‘Who would have thought that someone can make a dress from that? or I did not know that you can do something other than what the material should be used for.

Costume on the other hand is a special outfit for a special occasion. This attire would only be worn if you have to. This normally involves wire bending and all sort of hand jobs. Like those we see in Miss National Carnival Queen Pageant, those are costumes.

However, these have made their way into other shows that ask that one prepares a CREATIVE WEAR.

 Pageant Directors or Chairpersons should be clear in deciding what they need for a segment that carries the heading “Creative Wear” for persons are becoming complacent in having to spend hours fine tuning a wear of vast creativity to have another parading a costume in the incorrect segment and certainly the incorrect  show to be adjudged the winner of that segment.

Some chaperons are well aware what creative wear is and so too costume. So, why go ahead and have some bend the rules to make you a costume, then you smile in all glory knowingly that it was unfair that your prepared contestant was adjudged winner of the Creative Wear segment but wore a specially made Costume.

Leaving the creative chaperons in total disgust.

To the judges of these pageants- do some research before feeling the ‘wow’ to over grade a costume in a creative wear segment. Or become chaperons first and feel the task that one goes through.

I would only ask, What’s so creative about your wear?



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