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Who Don’t Like it “Bump IT” Says Douglas

It was reported by the Prime Minister’s Office that he recently inspected the completion of some of the infrastructure in the area, examining roads, power and water – at Peninsula Cove, an exclusive Waterfront Estate Development along the Caribbean coast.

The PM’s Office indicated that owners and developers of Coast to Coast/Peninsular Cove, Kittitians Reginald Kawaja and Mark Kawaja, recently completed the first phase of a project that offers lots ranging from 0.5 to 1.35 acres in areas with breathtaking views of the sea, the sunset, the mountains of St. Kitts and Nevis and only steps away from the water’s edge with great opportunities for snorkelling, kayaking, fishing and boating.

“Coast to Coast are local people. Christophe Harbour is from overseas. We are giving our own local people the same incentive package, and who don’t like it bump it.”

“Mr. Speaker, we want local investors to invest as well. Not only Coast to Coast Development. We are going to make sure that the other local developers benefit,” said Prime Minister Douglas who disclosed that lands owned by former Premier Bradshaw is also being developed and the local developers and investors will also benefit from the legislative measure.

The South East Peninsular is going to be developed, said Douglas.

The new 12 percent rate is going to ensure that it is developed and it will be done. They don’t want any development. That is why the opposition is opposing it. Anything that is good for this country under the Labour Administration, they oppose. They don’t know what they want, so they oppose, the Prime Minister reiterated.


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