Who’s hungry for power?

The chap must know that his crew is not doing at all well. He’ll be aware of this from his canvassing, as well as from the recent poll which was financed for Douglas by a man in Europe who is one of the real rulers of St. Kitts.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not only people in Europe who call the shots here. Our rulers are located in every continent on the planet. And they’ll continue to rule us as long as you allow Douglas and his acolytes to remain in office to act as their overseers in today’s version of the plantation economy.

It’s simple: either the will of the rulers from overseas be done, or your will be done. Either their interests be served, or your interests be served. Either you’ll be their hewers of wood and carriers of water for the next seven generations, or you’ll end your own subjugation and colonization once and for all, and reclaim your power.

Option 1 includes Douglas, Asim, Marcella, Konris, Ghost, Wilson, Gilbert and Drew, Kontenda, Mitch, Edmeade, Halva and Wimpy, but it excludes you. Option 2 is all about you, but excludes them.

Which will it be?

Don’t you find it odd, therefore, that a Douglas acolyte, whose essential remit (whether he knows it or not) is to keep you subjugated as he does the bidding of his foreign principals, would accuse politicians, who you have summoned to walk the walk with you into the new dispensation, unified and dignified, of being hungry for power?

Doesn’t Gilbert realize that he is, in effect, accusing you, the people-and the majority of you want Unity (the latest poll shows that) of being hungry for power?

And you should be, you have every right and reason to be, hungry for power. Indeed, you should always hold the handle of power. You must never again allow it to slip out of your hands the way you’ve done with Douglas.

Yet, now that you, the people of St. Kitts & Nevis, after nineteen years, are looking to take back your power from Douglas and his foreign bosses, Gilbert is accusing Timothy Harris and others (and, by implication, you) of being hungry for power.

In a real democracy, there is a power dynamic which is weighted heavily in favour of the people. And no leader who respects the people, the Constitution and democracy would ever seek to disturb that dynamic. Yet this is exactly what Denzil Douglas has done over his 24 or so years as leader of the Labour Party and his 19 years as Prime Minister.

It’s Douglas who is power hungry, and who wants to die in office or have a soft landing after all he has done at the helm of this country.

He’d prefer to get that soft landing, but, firstly, he doesn’t think any of his so-called colleagues has the political capital for success in leadership, and, secondly, he doesn’t trust any of them to assure him a soft landing should he pass the baton to them. He feels they’d sell him down the river in a heartbeat.

And a lot of the venom that he spews at Timothy Harris comes from his frustration and anger at the thought that none of his colleagues can hold a candle to Harris, quite apart from the fact that Harris is whooping his backside in the polls when it comes to favorability as leader. He can’t bear that!

But perhaps most importantly, and most critically for him, his overseas plantation bosses feel that he’s their man on the ground here, and they’re concerned that with him gone, they might lose their dominance and leverage in little St. Kitts & Nevis.

He’s a miserable, tired, obsessed, cornered man who can’t find a place to rest his head, not even in Dubai.

His hunger for power has turned into a terminal disease. A disease which has brought great harm to many people and to the country as a whole.

So who’s power hungry?

But before I let you go, Gilbert, did you hear of the woman who took US$1 million for a document? There’s a lot of power hunger in her story. Do some discreet investigating. If your trail gets hot, and you start getting close to the truth, ask her what she did with the money.

Help to heal and save the nation, Gilbert. And save yourself unnecessary grief. Go to church and pray for peace and unity.


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