Why was Socrates absent during Astro’s crowning?

By Val Henry, MyVue News.com

Basseterre, Saturday, 1st December, 2021, (MyVue News.com)-The competition was over. The results were in. But absent was one of the key winners.

It was a rather strange sight.

Here was the newly crowned Senior Calypso Monarch, Astro, sitting on his throne, waiting for his Runners-up to join him for that historic photo opportunity that never arrived.

In the end, only his Second Runner-up, Lady Diva, appeared.

“Where is Socrates,” everyone kept asking. “Didn’t he hear that he was just announced as the First Runner-up?”

Little did they know, that at that very moment, Socrates was already in bed, at his home, some 15 miles away from the site of the competition.

He was also not aware that he had just narrowly lost the crown by only 12 points. After his performances, his thoughts were wrapped up in a room of despair.

King Astro on his throne

The absence of Socrates triggered many theories. “Was this another episode like when Phonsie won but there was no crown to be placed on his head- because it was still in the possession of the former King?”

Others said that it reminded them of 1975 when the GI’s Brass packed up and left the stage, and was not available to play for the new King, Sweeney.

Thankfully, as fanciful as all those theories might be, there were no mal intentions on the part of Socrates, who has now revealed what actually transpired.

“I left and I went home. And while in my bed, I got a call, Socrates, where are you. I replied, I’m in my bed,” said the former sixth time crowned King.

“My vocals failed me about roughly a week ago. I am still having challenges,” explained Socrates. The discomfort was still evident when he spoke on 1st January.

“…As of Monday last week I was off the road…something hit me…the show was due for Thursday, something hit me, floored me, I had no vocals. I went in the band house (and) couldn’t even rehearse properly,” he added.

Others have since corroborated, saying that both in the rehearsals and on stage, it was obvious that his voice was failing and that he was struggling, especially in Round Two.

Socrates said that from the early signs in the band house, he knew he was going to be in trouble, even though, he was prepared to perform to the optimum.

“…but I could not. But I went to the park (and) I went on the stage for the first time and I croaked through it”, revealed the tall, dark veteran.

While backstage he said that he kept drinking garlic and ginger (water) and all types of other remedies.

“I had been to the pharmacist (and) she gave me a whole cocktail of things to take and nothing worked. Nothing worked,” said a tired-looking Socrates on New Year’s Day.

He said that when he left the stage after the first round he was feeling very rejected “and I was told by a certain person you tried your best, but…”

“It was recommended that I leave but I said I signed a contract with the committee and I’ve got to make a second appearance. So I drank my stuff and I went on stage and (was) really just going through the motions to make that appearance,” said Socrates.

He added, “I found myself in the fourth verse…but then not really prepared to compete, I was just going on stage, I repeated the third chorus because it was like eight verses, (and) each verse had a different chorus and it didn’t really go the way I planned it but I was just making a presence. And so after that, I left and I went home. And while in my bed, I got a call, Socrates, where are you. I replied, I’m in my bed.”

Socrates said the caller told him, “You gotta come back, you placed First Runner-up”.

It is therefore reasonable to ask, what would have happened, had his voice not failed him? Who would have won the competition? Because, despite the problems with his voice, he still almost pulled off a victory.

Before the problems developed with his vocal cords, and days before the competition, Socrates had been feeling very confident about securing his seventh victory.

“Nobody in the competition had anything even close to what I had. But the problem was from the rehearsal stage going to the band house, I realized am out of the competition and that reflected in what I did (on stage),” said the man who first tasted victory in 1988.

Another question that is even more important is, If Socrates left the Village thinking that his voice had failed him and that he had no chance of success, what made the judges think otherwise?

“So for those who saw and didn’t quite understand what had happened, this is what happened…behind the scenes issues that would affect the turnout,” concluded Socrates.

Since then, Socrates said he has called and congratulated King Astro on his third victory at the senior national level of calypso. He also said he is looking forward to working with his fellow calypsonians again in 2022.

The Senior Calypso Competition was held at Carnival Village on Thursday, 30th December, 2021, and was the final contest for the celebration of Sugar Mas 50.

Featured Image – King Socrates

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