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WICB hails Sir Viv on his 60th birthday

WICB President Dr. Julian Hunte said Sir Viv epitomised the hopes and dreams of the Caribbean people during his illustrious career for West Indies.
“Sir Viv was a champion of the West Indian people, the West Indian way of life, and the West Indian struggle to be recognised as truly World class,” said Dr. Hunte.
“He was an incredible player and a true warrior, matching his awesome power with class, grace and an amazing swagger.
“The courage he displayed allowed him to be true to himself and to live by his convictions – to do it “my way” – making him into the unique player that he became.”
Dr. Hunte thanked Sir Viv for his contribution to West Indies cricket and the upliftment of the game everywhere.
“On behalf of the directors, management and staff of the WICB, we are grateful for Sir Viv’s contribution over the years to the game in the region,” said Dr. Hunte.
“We are pleased to join with the rest of the World in wishing him heartfelt birthday greetings and long may his innings in life continue.”
Sir Viv played 121 Tests and 187 One-day Internationals for West Indies between 1974 and 1991.
He was captain from 1985 until his retirement, leading the regional side in 50 Tests and 105 ODIs.
Sir Viv had the distinction of never losing a Test series when he was West Indies captain.

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