Wijnerman Named as Suriname’s Finance Minister

She replaces Wonnie Boedhoe who – citing personal reasons – recently resigned.

Wijnerman, 46, a career civil servant, previously served as the director the Ministry of Finance. She will be sworn into office days after Boedhoe’s resignation was tendered.

“We’re lucky to find someone who has been at the ministry for years and knows its ins and outs,” President Desi Bouterse said.

Wijnerman’s appointment comes just days before government presents the 2012 budget to Parliament. Boedhoe is the second minister to leave the Bouterse Cabinet.

In December, Spatial Planning, Domain and Forestry Management minister, Martinus Sastroredjo, was fired four months after the government was sworn into office.

Bouterse recently hinted that he was not satisfied with the performance of several members of his Cabinet.

Without disclosing names, the president said last week that it was important for ministers to understand his government’s policies and execute them properly.


(Parts of this article were written with content submitted in Jamaica Gleaner publication)


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