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Will & Jada Headed for Separation?

No documents have been filed yet, however TMZ contacted Pinkett’s representative, who said: “What? In Touch said that? I know nothing about this… Lord. I’m going back to bed.

The twosome, who are parents to multi-million dollar pre-teen Hollywood starlets Willow & Jaden Smith and teen son Trey, have always said “divorce was not an option” for them.  And, not saying looks are everything, they always appeared to be the quintessential marital couple.

The pair, who met when Pinkett auditioned for “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” married on December 31st, 1997. They have two children together, budding pop stars Jaden and Willow, and Pinkett is the step mother of Smith’s older son from a previous marriage, Trey.

So do we believe it?  Time will tell.

(Parts of this article were written with content submitted in a publication)

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