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Will.i.Am: The industry is “lazy” and “disillusional”

Beaming in live via Skype, the 38 year old rapper/ producer turned entrepreneur, voice actor and philanthropist, (who spawned a successful international career as a founding member of chart-topping band – The Black Eyed Peas, amassing 7 Grammy Awards), raised a few controversial statements in his address. When speaking about technology and the music industry he called the industry “lazy” and “disillusional”.

In the sense that Artists were being seen more than their work being heard. He thought the music industry needed to be more proactive where technology and innovation was concerned: “We should’ve been Facebook first. Our industry should’ve been Twitter. Our industry could’ve been Apple! Our music industry is powerful, but we don’t use it like we should.”He explained in his address.

In moving forward as an industry he thought record labels and artists needed to focus their energies on becoming more like tech companies instead of following the traditional formats of major labels. He also spoke about his foundation – I Am Angel, and expressed how important he felt it was for artists to give back and get more involved in community initiatives.


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