Winner of the local 2015 Courts Reading Competition will contend at Regionals in Dominica 2016

The follow up event which usually takes place shortly after the local finals is set to be held in Dominica as the last winner came from that location. However Courts is standing in support of Dominica due to the recent flooding has opted to allow more time to organize the event.

In the local event last Friday Hrishikesh (Rickykeesh) Srinisvashan (Rinishvashan) emerged winner among already outstanding readers from schools in St. Kitts and Nevis. Cajoy Isaac of the Immaculate Conception Catholic School placed second, Jaidyme Benjamin of the St. Pauls Primary School third, Kymani Phipps of Tucker Clarke was in fourth position; with Avlee Harrington of  Violet O Jeffers- Nicholls Primary and Rhianna Davis of Estridge Primary following closely.

The judges who all shared their pleasure with the performance of participants reiterated the importance of children learning to read and asked that parents not leave it entirely up to teachers in this respect.

Courts representative at the event Ms Cathy Rouse reiterated the company’s commitment to advance education through capacity building activities that would help to strengthen the foundation of reading.

The winner of the competition received $2000 for himself and a matching amount for his school. The second position winner received $750. All participants received gifts from Digicel, Warner’s One Stop and Harpers.




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