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WIPA is Not the Enemy

Muirhead revealed his position on Wednesday 14th November, 2012, during a media conference, in St. Kitts, hosted at the Warner Park Cricket Stadium, along with Gregory Shillingford – President of LICA and Director of WICB, Jennifer Nero – Director of WICB, Auckland Hector – Chairman, Interim Committee, St Kitts Cricket Association, Imran Khan – Corporate Communications Officer of WICB.

It was obvious that Muirhead prefers an approach of cordiality, mutual respect and a desire to work together in the best interest of West Indies cricket. To accomplish the shared goals of the people of the region, it was clear from what the CEO was saying that he strongly feels that if WIPA and WICB work in a more harmonious relationship, some of the problems of the past, which have characterized the strained relations, could be eliminated.

“I certainly do not consider WIPA the enemy. I think…players representation is necessary, and one that needs to be encouraged because I believe the players rights must be defended and represented,” stated Muirhead to the St. Kitts and Nevis media.

The CEO opined that in any negotiation there must be compromise and there must be room to give and take. “My personal approach is not one of dispelling any request or demand that may come to the WICB,” stated Mr. Muirhead. He indicated that any such request must however be evaluated and he believes that in WIPA, he is dealing with rationale people; and if you are dealing with rationale people and if they are able to defend their argument to the WICB, then Muirhead said he thinks it is fair for the WICB to address it in such a manner.

“It is my position that if it is fair, it is my obligation to take it to the full Board (of the WICB) and seek their concurrence in that event.” But the CEO was quick to state that this does not mean that he will compromise the position of the WICB, because in the same way that he or WICB may look at an issue as being fair, coming from WIPA, he also expects WIPA to be rationale because it is a give-and-take situation.

Muirhead said that he and the WIPA CEO have known each other for some time and are friends and he thinks he is a rationale person. To illustrate what he meant by saying that there is scope for both entities to work together, Muirhead indicated that in the short period he has been in the job as WICB CEO, both organizations have made progress and it was only on Tuesday this week that WIPA and WICB issued a joint press release.

“That speaks for itself. It (WIPA) is not the enemy, but one with whom we must sit down and compromise,” stated the WICB official.

While in St. Kitts the delegation held talks with the government officials, including Sport Minister, Glenn Phillip, Tourism Minister and former West Indies Cricket Team manager, Richard Skerritt and Prime Minister, Dr. Denzil Douglas. The visitors also held discussions with the local cricket board. The visit and press conference formed part of a tour of the region by the new CEO, as he tries to acquaint himself with cricket stakeholders, the media, the public and member boards of the WICB.

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