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“Women in Unity” on Island Wide Motorcade

A spokesperson for the group, largely comprised of female supporters from the People’s Action Movement, (PAM) and the newly formed people’s Labour Party, (PLP), indicated that the “Island-wide whistle stop motorcade” is part of their ongoing effort to force the governing party of Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas, to either call early general elections or have the debate and vote on two motions of no confidence filed by the opposition this year.

The event was scheduled to start at 1:00pm from the Bay Road in downtown Basseterre.

The women were also recently heavily involved in a public march and rally that was held earlier this month to press the case for the hearing of the motions.

Participants were also encouraged to wear white, which is the colour of the “unity initiative” being pursued by the opposition parties; CCM PLP and PAM. The three parties have committed to tackle the next election with a united front to help unseat the 18 year administration of Dr. Douglas.

They have however also explained that given the tough economic crisis in the country and the political impasse facing the nation, only a united front across party lines, could speedily resolve the problems facing the people.


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