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Women Should Press for “self-mastery” says Douglas

Speaking to the issue on ‘Ask the Prime Minister’ on Tuesday (6th March) Dr. Douglas stated, “The aggressively pornographic lyrics in music today whether foreign or local are not just harmless entertainment, what they really do is make the unacceptable acceptable, most tragically they fool many of our young women from all walks of life regarding what it means to be attractive, to be cool and to be in.”

Douglas however insisted that his government knows that they are  fighting against a strong tide in this respect, but they must remain determined, to present to the nation and the young girls in particular, models of female power, female influence and true female accomplishment.

He added, “Models in other words, of lasting and meaningful female self-mastery,” adding: “That is why we ensured that a bright and accomplished woman assumed the leadership reigns at the all-important social security. That is why we ensured that a skilled and capable woman heads the department of sustainable development that is why we placed a competent and highly qualified woman in the ministry of Finance. That is why also I must emphasize we placed a highly qualified woman in the role of speaker in the Nevis Island Assembly. That is why we ensured that women enjoy the respect of law enforcement establishments regionally and internationally.”

He continued, “I could go on and on, but these are the types of women that my government want our young girls to identify, these are women who show our young girls how to be masters of their own destiny; and so your government will continue to ensure that the very best that this nation’s women has to offer will indeed be placed at the service of our nation and at the very highest levels as well.”

Douglas further stated that there is an on-going battle for the hearts and souls of the nation’s women of all ages, he said that on one side is music, such as ‘Gangster rap’ and ‘Dancehall’ while  on the other side is everything accomplished, self-respect, fun and enjoyment but without the debasement and degradation.

“The time has come for each of us to line up unequivocally on either one side or the other. In a nut shell, not only in commemoration of ‘International Women’s Day’ but because it is always essential. Let us urge our young girls, young women, and even our middle aged and older women, to be always mindful of and protective of the very best that is within them and we must impress upon them to not allow anything to move them from the paths of self-regard and self-mastery,” the Prime Minister concluded.

Thursday the entire world will celebrate ‘International Women’s Day’ which will be celebrated under the theme ‘Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures’

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