Work of Allan Isaac winning praise of public

By Staff Writer, MyVue,

Basseterre, Thursday, 21st January, 2021, (MyVue after the news was first made public on Wednesday, 20th January, 2021, that the well known Founder and Apostle of the Rivers of Living Water Christian Centre, Dr Allan Isaac, had died, the tributes began to flow.

Isaac was not only a popular pastor, but he was well loved by his followers and people across all sectors of society in St. Kitts & Nevis.

It was hard not to admire the success he accomplished, especially knowing the humble beginnings of his ministry, which he and his wife, Dr. Debbie Isaac, founded some 25 years ago.

Amongst the list of those expressing shock and sorrow, are fellow pastors from other religious groups, politicians and residents of the community of Lime Kiln, where his church is located.

Their comments have been consistent, highlighting the personal traits of the Apostle and his commitment to the work of his church and Christianity.

It has been, in many ways, a great story of development for the late Apostle and his team, starting in the living room of their home, with mainly their own family and eventually expanding to attract hundreds that flock to the Rivers of Living Centre on a regular basis, in what is one of the largest places of worship in the country.

The church has hosted events of all types, including graduations for schools, services organized for important national events, weddings and other social activities.

He and his wife had been married for 37 years.

Main Photo: Dr. Allan Isaac

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