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Workshop to build capacity in teachers

In an interview with, Chief Education Officer Tricia Esdaille, of the Ministry of Education, said the workshop occurs over the course of one week and is intended to “build capacity within our teachers and to address issues that we think are relevant and important.”

Past workshops have seen the Ministry of Education coordinate with local expertise in order to overcome challenges and focus on difficult areas that appear alarming to the Ministry.

One such area of concern is that of Mathematics, the CEO said.

“It is an area of concern for us, so we reached out to the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College and we reached out to our Curriculum Development Unit, and we asked for personnel from each of those areas to assist us with facilitating training sessions in the area of [Mathematics],” Esdaille said.

The capacity building is being held before the opening of schools in the federation, and it is believed that the students will benefit through enhanced teaching methodologies.

The CEO indicated that some sessions will run for two days and others for four days, depending on what the session entails. She said no session runs under two days at any given time.

Esdaille said it is tradition for the workshop to be held one week prior to the start of the new school year, and it is mandatory for all teachers to attend.

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