Young Entrepreneur calls for Support for Dance in SKN

By Desi Brown,

At the recently held 23rd General Assembly of the International Dance Council (CID), creative entrepreneur Desi Brown, owner and manager of Poise SKN attended and addressed the Assembly with a powerful appeal to mobilize support for Dance within the Federation.

The assembly which was attended by 211 CID Members from 43 countries of the 5 continents held at the Palais de l’UNESCO in Paris, warmly received Ms. Brown after being specially welcomed by President Alkis Raftis, Greek Dance Historian during his address.

With hopes of ensuring that Dance reaches its absolute potential, Ms. Brown is using this platform to connect with professionals across the world and invite them into our space to further assist with its development. Subsequent to her passionate presentation about dance in St. Kitts and Nevis, she was met with an overwhelming response from members present to collaborate with, participate in student exchange and acquire technical assistance in the area of dance.

CID founded in 1973, is a world-wide organization for all forms of dance.  Its members enjoy the privileges to: contribute to CID programs as well as in meetings and activities of CID members; publish authored , edited books or DVDs; access to a vast network of select professionals; and certify as they offer International Certification of Dance Studies, validates dance classes and provides a universal passport for students.

Poise SKN is the first member from Saint Kitts and Nevis increasing the number of countries in the CID to 174. The three-year-old multidiscipline creative enterprise owned and managed by Desi Brown has made tremendous strides within the entertainment and cultural industries within the Federation in dance, promotional marketing and pageantry.

Ms. Brown is now an ambassador for CID and expected to sensitize groups about the organization and mobilize support for dance in the Federation.

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