Young Money United Captures Intramural Football Tournament Championship

The tournament, – held on 25th February, 2011 – was organized by the Physical Education students of the Washington Archibald High School which saw participation from the Lions of Judah team, the Uptown Lyrical Ballerz team, the Willful Skillful Teachers team and the Young Money United team.

At the beginning of the tournament, most teams seemed optimistic of their victory. On the other hand, two players from the vibrant Lions of Judah team were not too confident. Several spectators thought that the Willful Skillful teachers would have won the tournament since the team consisted of older players with more experience.

The tournament kicked off with exciting football action that had its numerous enthusiastic spectators on the edge of their seats. However, only two teams could have made it into the finals: Willful Skillful and Young Money United.

And after a fierce battle between the teachers and the students, the Young Money United team stood triumphant. The team’s manager, Shirnaldeen Lewis was in high spirits following the victory and indicated that spectators did not even have her team to make it into the finals and having won the game, she was elated.

According to a member of the Willful Skillful Teachers team, Douglas, notwithstanding that they would have liked to win the tournament, they were not disappointed with their performance.

He described the game as a great one and further expressed that both teams which made it to the final leg of the game played excellently.

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