Young people should get involved in politics – says PAM Central Basseterre Candidate, Jonel Powell


In an exclusive interview with Powell, who would also be a guest speaker at the convention, which will be held at the Ojjs Conference Room in Camps, said that the inaugural event will help sensitize youths on their roles in building a greater federation.

“I believe that young people through political will and their right to vote, as well as through their various education and life experiences, are able to give guidance to the powers that be,” Powell said.

He added that the convention will now be one of many to come by PAM.

Powell told that one of the topics of discussion on Saturday, and a concern he tends to tackle once in office, is the issue of unemployment and youths in the federation.

“The PEP programme that the government had established a while now, show that you had approximately 5,000 people who were unemployed. And you will have thousands more who just finished school. I think that is something we need to address. I think there needs to be opportunities for our young people to develop themselves.” Powell explained.

When asked about why the idea of a convention for youths, Powell explained that because general elections are within less than a year, and the importance of gathering youths together, the party decided to use the event as a way of educating young, eligible voters on the current issues of St. Kitts and Nevis.

“We want them to exercise their fundamental right to vote, so that when the election comes, they are able to make an educated decision on whom they’re voting for,” Powell said.

The young politician further explained to this publication, that it is also very important for young people to get involved in politics. “You are able to participate in an exercise that determines which government is going to mold the decisions, laws and policies in the country which you live in for the next five years.”

He added that young people constitute a significant block when it comes to persons eligible to register and vote. “For me as a young person, I believe it is our time as youths to step up make a difference in this country,” Powell said.


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