Your Harmonious Note

Too many families are being affected by this travesty, and though we may not know these people and their families directly, we are all here to live a life of congruence and harmony, and when that is tampered with, the balance is off in society and we all feel it. Why? Because things change, thereby causing us to live in a way that is abnormal to our existence. Instances of fear and concern now replace happiness and casual fellowship. Security now combats freedoms to experience life, your society or our society in the way we want to. The fundamental functions of systems in society are strained, and though we may not believe it, we all need each other. Though I may not know you, I need to you buy goods from my business. I may need to hire you to do certain jobs. You may need to hire me, others to help you etc. With this chain relationship, you are now able to support your family and the system goes on. 

It is easy for us to sit back and criticize others about how they live their lives when we chose to neglect our own. We engage in gossip, ridicule and other forces of negativity. We all have issues! None of us are better than the other. What we are facing now are cries for help. Our young men and woman are fighting to exist in LIFE, and for IDENTITY. Their minds are plagued with horror, neglect, desperation, instances of abuse whether physical or emotional, and channeling these energies seem to be tumultuous. It is one thing to say that “they need something to do,” while it is another thing to show them what they can do. Like all students, people for that matter, we are not all blessed with the same aptitude levels. If something doesn’t appeal to us, we pay it no mind. Some of us require individual attention to get to where we want to be, while others are much stronger, independent in thought, requiring less attention. None the less, the key component is ATTENTION. 

What people need to realize is that we all have pain. We all carry some form of “baggage” that sticks with us on a daily basis, sometimes more so than others. No one is any better than the other person, though we like to make ourselves seem to be. Not because you see a person dressed up in his or her attire does it mean that he/she is void of pain. “Everything that glitters is not gold.” Not because you see a person continuously smiling does it mean that he/she is void of pain or stress. It could all just be a cover up, but it boils down to how we deal with that pain which we face. Many of us drink, smoke, and listen to different types of music, some of which encourages our negativity and increased pain. We engage in all sorts of acts of distraction, hoping to get some release from the issues personally faced, but it doesn’t work. As a result, reality always finds a way to strike us in the face, refreshing our minds with the unresolved, thus causing us to find alternative ways of release. Stronger and more intense ways!


My dad always said that, “in death, we are all leveled, brought down to a common ground, the soil!” Why do we need to resort to violence as a fix or solution to our problems? We need community activism, which will bring about the ATTENTION that is needed. That attention brings a level of involvement and a greater sense of worth. Purpose! When a man is frustrated and left alone with his thoughts, bad things will happen. The worst thing to be left alone with in this world is your “MIND.” We have to all find our Harmonious Note. It is the only way we can achieve true balance.

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