Ziggy Marley to Publish “Marijuanman” Comic Book

According to a release from Image Comics, the company that’s putting out the book, Marijuanaman is a “noble extraterrestrial champion, who has arrived on Earth to deliver an important message and at the same time save his own planet.”

“Marijuanaman represents the hope of the future … the hope that we will utilize all of the power that the universe has given us to save our planet,” Marley said.

This media house understands that the book was written by Joe Casey and illustrated by Jim Mahfood, who each have dozens of comics to their names and have worked for Marvel and DC Comics, among others. The two long time friends worked closely with Marley on the project, and both praised Marley’s concept and work ethic.

“Ziggy Marley is a visionary,” Mahfood said. “He’s involved in every step, but he’s also been cool enough to let Joe and I cut loose and really spread our artistic wings on this project.”

The 48-page, full-colour book will be released on April 20.


(Parts of this item were rewritten from a caribdaily.com article)


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