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ZIZ hosts “Fun” Fun Day

The event was held at the Silver Jubilee Stadium on Saturday, 19th February, 2011 and drew participation from a wide cross section of society including school students, ministers of government and friends and fans of the oldest radio station in the Eastern Caribbean.

The event featured events such including marble and spoon races, relay and domino matches.

One of the highlights of the event was a football match between ZIZ staffers and Ministers of Government including Sam Condor, Nigel Carty, Asim Martin, with assistance from Cedric Liburd.

The ministers of government, ably supported by members of the police football team, challenged ZIZ’s staff and managed to capture a 4-1 victory with the first goal of the match being scored by the ministers just two minutes into the first half.

Other highlights of the day were relay races between hosts of the People’s Show, Sweet Sister Sensia and Pinocchio and hosts of “Action Sports”, Theo Clarke and Scottie Hanley. Though the attempt of the People’s Show hosts was valiant, it was not enough to edge out their superiors.

Another interesting and much-anticipated race was between deejays Cupid and Chico, along with Member of Parliament (MP) Shawn K. Richards and ZIZ cameraman Marlon Bristol. Cupid, who even days before, was confident of his ability to win outrun his opponents and did just that, with MP Richards capturing the second position, Marlon in third and Chico bring up the rear.

The event was attended by hundreds who were more than entertained not only by the sporting activities, but also by the giveaways and appearances made by mock-jumbies, clowns and masqueraders.

Chairman of the Public Relations Committee of the ZIZ Radio 50th Anniversary celebrations committee, Jason Davis, in an interview with hailed the event a success.

“The fun day was an incredible event. It definitely boosted the spirits of the staff and gave many of our fans a chance to meet their favourite radio deejays. It was definitely successful. The events that were planned came off without a hitch and everyone had a great time.”

He reminded that some of the upcoming major activities which will be held as part of the celebrations are the awards dinner, calypso competition and song competition.

The actual anniversary of ZIZ Radio falls on 5th March.


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