ZIZ presents “Youth Profiles”

“Youth Profiles”, a documentary-styled series, will premiere on ZIZ Television at 8:30 p.m. featuring a variety of interesting personalities who have emerged from challenging circumstances in under-served communities to contribute productively to society.

Pierre Liburd, Senior Youth Officer has indicated that the series will provide a platform where youths can be recognized by their communities, supported for their efforts and emulated by their peers. He also encouraged residents to ensure that persons they know are highlighted.

“We want the general public to support the show and the young people it features. We invite each viewer to look around their community to recognize and nominate other progressive youths who they think should be featured,” he added.

Guests will include persons that displayed antisocial behaviour and has turned their lives around, and former teen mothers who were able to complete their education and provide for themselves and their children.

Other stories will be of persons who grew up in stable homes and volunteered to work with the less fortunate.

Individuals can be nominated by any person. Additional information is available at the Department of Youth Empowerment on Church Street or at www.youth.gov.kn.

Youth Profiles will air on the first and third Thursday and Sunday each month on the national broadcast channel.


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